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We regret to inform you that current conditions do not allow us to carry out the Cyber4Energy Forum as initially planned.

The organisers and sponsors nevertheless remain convinced of the need for an awareness-raising action towards energy stakeholders. Thus, we propose a new formula for this Forum. We have chosen to offer a remotely accessible alternative, via two half-day webinars on cybersecurity challenges and solutions, together with the Cyber4Energy awards, on March 30th and 31st mornings.

All registered participants are, of course, cordially invited for free.

You will be informed soon about the new organisation. In the name of the organisers and sponsors, we express our sincere apologies for this change which requires a reorganization for each of us.

Kind regards, Cyber4Energy team

Join the webinars:

Registrations closed since 29/03/2022 02:00 PM. For more information about, please contact the organizer..


From 30/03/2022 09:30 AM
To 31/03/2022 05:30 PM


Palais du Pharo, Marseille, France


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Registrations closed
For more information about, please contact the organizer..

Mandatory registration

REGISTRATION CONDITIONS (Registration open to all)

There is a charge for subscribing to Cyber4Energy.
You can pay for your participation by credit card or bank transfer (additional international bank transfer costs at your expense). The organizer reserves the right to limit the functions or access to the event until the registration has been fully paid.

"Cyber4Energy" PRICE GRID
Members of the Capenergies, Systematic, Tenerrdis, Images & Réseaux, SCS poles up to date with membership fees and guests:

  • Start-up: 125 € HT for 1 person
  • SMEs and communities: 150 € HT for 1 person
  • Mid-sized companies / Large Groups: 200 € HT for 1 person

Non-members or non-up-to-date membership:

  • Start-up: 250 € HT for 1 person
  • SMEs and communities: € 300 before tax for 1 person
  • Mid-sized companies / Large Groups: 400 € HT for 1 person

An invoice will be automatically sent to you upon receipt and collection of your payment. You can find your invoice in your personal space. No VAT exemption possible.

Contact us

If you have some questions, please contact:

Marie Yemeniz

Cyber4Energy - Registration area

This European event aims at raising awareness to the cybersecurity challenges and solutions specific to the energy sector in order to enhance the protection of the critical energy industry. This event specifically targets all players/actors of the energy supply chain.

Cyber4Energy is the first European event aiming to present the cybersecurity risks and challenges specific to the energy sector, and to raise awareness of all energy stakeholders about cybersecurity challenges, regulations and technologies. This event will help all energy actors to identify their responsibilities in the supply chain and to prepare for the assessment implementation of the cybersecurity measures.

Cyber4Energy is organized by 5 competitiveness clusters of the Smart Energy Alliance. Their objective is to bring together two sectors: cybersecurity and energy.

Full program of two days

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